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The "Natural Hair Journey" from relaxed to natural and just growing beautiful natural or harsh chemical free hair is filled with ups, downs, trials and triumphs. Once you have mastered your natural hair needs and routine you too can have the hair of your dreams.

K Taylor is a natural hair care specialist in East Nashville Tennessee who is equipped with the knowledge of natural and coiled textured hair care and the expertise to guide you correctly through this journey. All natural hair services and descriptions may not listed below and can be found in the book now section.

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New Clients : Any client that has not received the service that you are booking in 6 months or more and any client new to K Taylor Hair Salon must book under NEW CLIENT. 

Returning Client: Client who has received the service they are booking every week or two weeks or within the last

6 months is considered a returning client.

New Client Silk Press

The M.A.D.E Silky Ultimate Silk Press System products make all the difference in this service.

Service includes:

MADE Truth serum lemon grass gentle clarification shampoo

MADE Caviar Moisture marula and argan oil steam infused treatment shampoo

MADE Silky silk protein steam infused shampoos

MADE Caviar Moisture marula and argan oil treatment conditioner

MADE Silky silk protein conditioner

MADE Silky leavin silk protein and biotinfusion blowdry

Trim or Haircut

MADE Witness Protection heat styling used to silk press wrap and style your new look!

Scheduling times are estimated for online booking purpose only. Actual service times may vary or be longer with each client.


Short hair does not touch shoulders $160

Medium length hair is past shoulder but not mid back $165

Long length hair touching mid back to bra strap $175

Extra long length hair is middle of your back and past your bra strap or longer (pricing varies) $180 and up

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