Our inner sunshine Manipura Chakra is the Sanskrit word for this type of chakra. Jewels or Treasure city is the meaning tied to this chakra. Success personal and  professionally or individually and collectively all lie in the perfection of this chakra alignment. Promotes energy, power, confidence, joy and intellect. Power to chart our paths and stay a course. A balanced  center enables you to feel confident and empowered. When the solar plexus chakra falls out of balance a variety of physical and non-physical signs may manifest.  Along with feeling emotionally unsteady, lethargic, and sometimes even aggressive, you may also experience:	respiratory issueseating disordersdigestive problemsanxietyhypoglycemiadepression  Ideal Use: vision board party, birthday parties,  meetings, meditation Oil Blend : lemon,  ginger, peppermint,  geranium Stone: Malachite, Calcite, Citrine, Topaz

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