"420" Inspired Heart Chakra Cbd Candle
  • "420" Inspired Heart Chakra Cbd Candle

    Happy 420 all! Our lavender and citrus sage essential oil cannabis (cod) infused candle is waiting to relax your day away. No thc no paraffin! Handmade soy all natural oils used and infused with the highest quality legal Cannabis (cod). Just light and relax. Let the lavender or citrus sage of the cbd relax and release tension. All of our candles are set, cured  and scent with motive and intention. This candles scent is the motive of the heart chakra or Anahata the fourth chakra (love). 

    The Heart Chakra associates with green colors. This is our relationship chakra love and marriage are found here. Heal love in this alignment. The scenes of touch, affection and oneness are created through and housed here.  Help with forgiveness and acceptance

    Ideal uses: Prayer, Love, Meditation, Massage, Sleep 



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