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The "Natural Hair Journey" from relaxed to natural or just growing beautiful natural or harsh chemical free hair is filled with ups, downs, trials and triumphs. Once you have mastered your natural hair needs and routine you too can have the hair of your dreams. K Taylor is a natural hair care specialist in East Nashville who is equipped with the knowledge of black (african american) natural hair care and the expertise to guide you correctly through this journey. All natural hair services are not listed below and can be found in the book now section.

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Natural Hair

Service Price
Natural Hair Amino Straightener (3 hrs)

Amino based silkening system last 4 to 6 weeks. Blocks humidity, retains natural curl pattern allows hair to easily be silken out and rebuild hair structure by adding essential proteins. 
More natural hair services are available. Call the salon if a certain natural hair service you would like is not listed here. 

  • Price $105.00
Natural Hair Consultation (15 min)

Not sure where to start with the natural hair process? Let us help! This includes 20 minutes with a stylist to discuss various options available.

  • Price $25.00
Natural Hair Haircut (30 min)

We know your hair needs a special cut curly or straight. We can cut natural hair in its natural state or straight. Let us create a custom cut for you or bring a picture of that cut you have had your eye on and we will make sure you are satisfied with your new cut.

  • Price $35.00
Natural Hair Keratin Straightener (4 hrs)

Pure Keratin is added to the hair to make it silky smooth and bouncy. Last 12 to 20 weeks. This straightener will temporarily alter your curl pattern. If hair texture is tight this service will significantly reduce the pattern to a wave. 


  • Price $225.00
Natural Hair Shampoo/Condition/Blow dry (30 min)

M.A.D.E SILKY System is used to shampoo moisturize and condition natural hair. M.A.D.E SILKY SERUM and M.A.D.E STRONG Biotin Fusion leave in moisture treatment is used to blow dry which is optional is optional but does come with this service. 

  • Price $35.00
Natural Hair Silk Press Amino Silk Press/Wrap (2 hrs)

Is amino right for me? Here is a preview. A shot of amino is added to our Silk Press/Wrap so you can see the benefits of the amino system for yourself. This amino shot last only until your next shampoo. 


  • Price $90.00
Natural Hair Silk Press Keratin Blow Out/Silk Press/Wrap (2 hrs)

Would you like to try some keratin? Need that silk press as straight as possible just for an event? Temporary shots of keratin are applied to our silk press service. Keratin will remain in the hair until the next shampoo.

  • Price $105.00
Natural Hair Silk Press/Wrap (1 hr 30 min)

Get M.A.D.E SILKY! The M.A.D.E Silky Ultimate Silk Press System products make all the difference in this service. Amino and Keratin infused shampoos and conditioners are used to protect against humidity and heat damage. They also smooth and maintain a sleek look on your natural hair as it is silk pressed with our specialty product M.A.D.E Silky Serum to give it lasting shine without weighing the hair down. To maintain and add longevity to this service the hair is wrapped, and heat processed then brushed out with BODY BODY AND MORE BODY that last until your next shampoo. WOW! What are you waiting for? This service is for you!  $65  

  • Price $65.00
Natural Hair Trim (15 min)

Just a trim please! That is all you will receive No Chopping it off! Natural hair need a good trim too every 8 weeks to maintain it healthy growth pattern and to keep those split ends away.

  • Price $20.00

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